Bond Imaging is Moving

After almost 37 years at our Richmond location, Bond Imaging is moving to a bigger & brighter premises in Port Melbourne, just 5kms from Melbourne CBD.

The move makes way for the expansion of services Bond Imaging can offer our clients as well as the addition of some new equipment to help keep us leading the way in the photographic industry.
With little or no disruption to production during the moving process, we plan to be fully operational from our new location by mid October.
Be sure to call in for a look and tour of our brand new showroom & lab.



Bond Imaging new paper samples

30% Off Gloss Prints

30% Off Gloss 20″x 24″ EOFY Print Promotion

‘Direct Output’ $30.16 ($15.08 each) a saving of $12.93
‘Album Prints’ $53.62 ($26.81 each) a saving of $22.98

These are printed on our Lambda 130 on KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Gloss Paper.
*If you are ordering online please enter ‘EOFY Gloss Special’ into ‘SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS’
*Offer expires 30th June 2016
*Not to be used with any other offer

Duratran & Duraclear

Thinking of using a backlit display to promote your work or business?

At Bond Imaging we offer backlit display film Duratran and Duraclear (silver halide), which gives you a far superior quality in colour & contrast compared to similar backlit inkjet materials and at a very comparable price.

Attention-Grabbing Appeal
KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency and ENDURA Clear Display Materials create eye-catching displays. These colourful true photo-quality display materials deliver what your customers want while meeting your production needs. ENDURA Display Materials can help your business adapt to changing market and technology needs. They set new benchmarks for quality, productivity, and image stability for photographic (AgX) transparency output media.ENDURA Transparency Display Material is a translucent-base colour transparency material for use on illuminators without built-in diffusers. Use

ENDURA Transparency Display Material for large displays (such as trade-show stands and booths), in-store point-of-purchase materials, and indoor transit displays (airports, subways, etc.).

ENDURA Clear Display Material is a clear-base colour transparency material for use on illuminators with built-in diffusers. Use ENDURA Clear Display Material for similar backlit displays such as advertising/point-of-sale, as well as promotions, lobbies, and office space decor.

For high-performance photo-quality backlit displays featuring:

  • Bright, saturated colours with deep intense blacks for extra impact
  • Superb detail from highlights to shadows and exceptionally sharp text
  • Low D-min for clean whites Superior process robustness and handling for improved lab consistency
  • Dependable, exceptional display performance for a variety of applications
  • State-of-the-art image stability for long-lasting displays

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended and purchased some of our old lab gear at our successful ‘Garage Sale’.  All the equipment sold had serviced us (and you) extremely well for many years, so we were pleased to see it going to a good home and to continue working for our loyal customers.

The sale of these items has cleared the room for the addition of some exciting new equipment that is coming soon.

In Bond Imaging’s long 45 year history we have seen many advances and changes in the photographic industry, and as we enter a new phase on our photographic journey with you, we will be launching some new and exciting products we are sure you will be delighted with.

We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with all our valued clients, professional and amateur photographer alike, as we continue to offer you the same great personal service you have come to expect from all the staff at Bond Imaging.

So watch this space!

Wedding Posing Tips – Make Slight Changes for Variety

With each setting or background where you pose the couple – don’ just do one pose. You can make slight changes to the pose to give variety. This can streamline your shoot giving it flow get you more images with minimal amount of fussing.

For example, change how the brides hand rests on the groom’s arm or shoulder. Rotate one of them. Have them look  in a different direction. Slight changes creates variety!
Then shoot each change wide, medium, vertical, horizontal, off-center or different angles.

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Why you should print your photos

6 Reasons You Should Be Printing Your Photos

Where it all began. The birth of photography

The Gift of the Daguerreotype

In 1829, a French artist and designer named Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre struck a partnership with fellow inventor Joseph-Nicephore Niépce to develop a method to permanently capture the fleeting images visible in a camera obscura. Niépce passed away suddenly in 1833, but Daguerre kept experimenting, finally achieving success around 1834. The daguerreotype process used a polished sheet of silver-plated copper, treated with iodine to make it light-sensitive, which was exposed (for several minutes or more) under a lens, then “fixed” using mercury vapor. The existence of the process was first announced to the public in January of 1839—followed by an extraordinary move by the French government that would fuel the rapid growth of photography worldwide.

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Dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign

Increasing Facebook ad conversion rates without simply increasing ad spend can be a challenge if you’re not an expert. But there are some tried-and-true tweaks that will get you better results, especially if you invest some energy into testing different versions.

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Images over words – why it matters on Facebook

An article by  from O2 Media explains why using images rather than words is an advantage especially when using facebook.


A picture tells a thousand words and that saying is never truer than on Facebook.

In a time when people are engaged 24/7 and joined at the hip to their device, it’s crucial to cut through the digital babble if you want to make an impact.

So, how do you do that? Images.

As many a chef will tell you, we “eat with our eyes” and I think this colloquialism applies perfectly to Facebook. A person’s news feed is so cluttered that if you’re a business trying to make your audience sit up and take notice, you need to get your message across quickly and efficiently.

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