A warm welcome to our new Business Development Manager

Having worked for Bond Imaging over the last 10 years in the accounting department, I have seen the company grow and develop alongside the ever-changing photographic industry. As a result of these changes we have developed the Ondemand pro ordering system, which has streamlined and strengthened the connection between our clients.

The rapid developments in the industry have forced professional labs to adapt too many changes in a few short years. Labs were required to reinvent themselves during the transition from analogue to digital printing to keep up with the evolution of photography.

Digital printing has changed the landscape of the market; the industry benchmark required today is a high quality print at a reasonable price in the least amount of time possible.

Bond Imaging has established a firm footing within the photographic industry as a world class, reputable, professional lab for nearly forty years.

In the role of Business Development Manager I plan to nurture the business and personal relationships, Bond Imaging have established with the vast range of clients and each of their individual needs.

~ Mark Smith