Wolfgang Sievers

Wolfgang Georg Sievers (18 September 1913 – 7 August 2007) was an Australian  photographer who specialised in architectural and industrial photography.

At Bond Imaging we remember him as a brilliant artist, a good friend and a loyal customer. In memory of this wonderful photographer and in celebration of his work, we are exhibiting some of his most important prints in our reception. These prints are from the personal collection of Bond Imaging’s Managing Director, Lothar Huber.

He was not only a good friend of mine, but also a loyal person to Bond over many years. He brought the best out of all of us.  He was loved as a person and admired as an artist and photographer. Over the years we have had many exhibitions of his work, starting from the late 1970 ‘s and we all remember the first very large colour print we processed for him from his trip to China. The print was made in 4x 40” wide sections and it was the first large colour print ever produced in the country.
~ Lothar Huber

For anyone interested in the rare experience of getting up close to the work of Wolfgang Sievers, it will be on display from early September at Bond Imaging 4-8 Gwynne Street, Richmond.

The prints are printed on True Black and White Paper and on high gloss Flex paper

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