Bond Calendars

Create your own personalised calendar from your own photos! This versatile product is a great gift for friends and family or even for your clients, to promote your business.

Product details:

– A3 size
– Wire binding
– Quality printing on the Nexpress
– 200GSM paper stock
– This product arrives ready to hang for just $24.

Our calendars are easy to order; when using OnDemand Pro, simply save all you files in one folder, select the product you would like and start dropping images into the templates The best part is the freedom in being able to leaf back and forth through the pages to see what you have created and make changes. Alternatively, if you would like, just burn a cd and drop it into the lab, ensuring files are in numerical order.

For more information about how to order your own original Calendar, please contact our friendly customer service team on 03 9429 1299.

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