5 minutes with Photographer Sue Stone

Why did you become a photographer?

Photography is something I fell into, I have always had a creative brain, and tried many other creative outlets, photography was something I ‘clicked’ with (excuse the pun).
I discovered I not only loved it, I was also good at it.
As a kid I used to love to pore over old family photos, even if they weren’t my own family. I love the thought that with photography you are able to capture a moment in time, a snapshot of a person’s personality, and that in many many years to come there may be a child just as I was, wondering about that person and what their life was like.

What would you say has been the main key to the success of your business?

Image Superstore is a very new business and a very unique and exciting concept. It’s success will be driven by the passion and belief in the concept by myself, the investors and of course the wonderful staff we are discovering and employing to help us along the journey.
My personal success comes from being chosen to run this first Superstore, and the trust the investors have in me to do so well. I am incredibly driven, the absolute multi-tasker, passionate about the industry but most of all I can close my eyes and visualise the Store and what it will become. It is infectious with it’s energy already.

Can you tell us a little about the facilities and services available at the Image Superstore?

What we are creating here is quite simply a ‘one stop shop’ for all Digital Imaging needs. We started with a Portrait and Wedding Studio, added a Café, brought in Napoleon Perdis makeup, built an absolutely huge commercial Cyclorama, beside that a fabulous Green Screen, are adding amazing 3D scanning, Product shooting tables, Audio recording rooms, Video editing rooms, and a Gallery for retail and exhibitions.
In fact it is probably easier to ask us what we don’t offer.
We find ourself in a unique market niche, there really is nothing else like this currently in Australia. We are creating a kind-of bridge if you like, with one foot targeting consumer and retail, over to professional photography and video studios and services, ending at complete hire facilities for the professionals. We are offering an all encompassing product and service Superstore.
Our clients include obviously the general public, but also the amateur, semi-pro and pro photographers, videographers, corporates, production crews etc  who are all able to access our products and hire our studios.

Can you tell us who has been an inspiration to you in terms of your career?

I could name more than 20 photographers who inspire me, and feed my creative brain, but I guess the biggest inspiration for my career has come from some of the cleverest businessmen and women across the world. I am a self-confessed geek, am fascinated by the world and the changing technology, and inspired by the most successful people who quite simply turn an idea into something fabulous that not only makes them incredibly rich, but also makes a difference in the world in one way or another.

Any exhibitions planned for this year?

Hosting and sponsoring the Heartfelt exhibition in the store has been wonderful. There have been a lot of tears shed onto the tiles around the gallery, I have hugged and listened, consoled and smiled with the wonderful families who have used the service. As a long standing member of Heartfelt myself it has been great to spread the awareness. It will be a hard exhibition to top.
However ‘Yes’ – we have many projects and exhibitions in the pipeline, including some wonderful exhibits from well-known Melbourne and Australian photographers who have been invited into our space. Will keep you posted!


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