Clever ways to utilize Direct Outputs!

As many of you know, our Direct Output Service is the most economical and quickest way to get your photographic printing. If you print lots of smaller sizes (4×5, 4×6, 5×7), you may want to try something like this on one 8×10 sheet…

For example, if you need 2 5×7 inch prints :

  • Adjust your file to the way you would like (retouching, colour & density correcting, etc)
  • Create a new file sized to 8×10 inches at 200 dpi.
  • Go back to your image and crop as needed (for this example, 5×7 at 200 dpi)
  • Select All (ctrl or apple A)
  • Copy (ctrl or apple C)
  • Back to the blank canvas and Paste! (crtl or apple V)
  • Paste again!
  • Now arrange the two images as illustrated below.
  • Flatten everything and “Save As”

If you are using other sizes (4×5, 4×6, etc), you will need to go back to your original image, undo your crop (ctrl or apple Z) until you get back to the uncropped image.

  • Then change your cropping tool to the correct size and crop away!
  • Take the new cropped image, Select All, Copy and Paste!
  • Arrange the images as needed.
  • Flatten and “Save As”

When you get your prints back, they will need to be trimmed, remember, use a good quality trimmer, like the Rotatrim.
You can always use a larger canvas size, but keep in mind you will probably be trimming these, so think about the best way to trim… Keep it simple!

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