October Newsletter

Bond Imaging & Technology and our October Promotion

Imaging & Technology

Bond Imaging has been printing photographically on Silver halide paper for 44 years. This year the world has been celebrating 175 years of photography, we will continue to print your images on traditional photographic paper as we strongly believe that this process delivers on high end quality and our customer’s expectations.  Continue reading

Updated OnDemand Pro Software

New updated OnDemandPro Software excluding the use of Java.
OnDemand Pro is an online ordering system providing faster, more reliable transfers.

Many features include:

  • Resumable and scheduled transfers
  • Thumbnail views and cropping
  • Compatibility with Windows and Intel Mac Operating Systems
  • More interactive platform
  • Track your orders 24/7
  • Visual Summary of order
  • Customised options and template sizes to suit
  • Email upon receipt of order and dispatch of order.
  • Best of all it’s completely free to all of Bond Imaging clients

Simply follow this link to download OnDemand Pro to get started.