Calibration & File Specifications

In a follow up from our post last week regarding online print orders, here is a tip regarding calibration & file specs to help you achieve quality & consistent colour reproduction.

To improve the accuracy of consistent colour reproduction we recommend regularly calibrating you monitor.
We recommend using the i1 DISPLAY PRO by X-Rite to calibrate your monitor to display colours according to the correct standards.
This is available for purchase through Bond Imaging.
Alternatively, we have hardware on site for our clients to borrow for a small fee. If you are unsure about this process, please contact customer service to discuss, we can arrange for someone to come out and show you how to calibrate your system if required.

Direct Output Specifications
At Bond Imaging our efficient direct output service is a very popular way to get quality prints same day! Files in by 10 am will be out by 5pm the same day when printing on Lustre or Metallic papers (Workflow permitting). All you need to do is ensure that your digital files are prepared to the following specifications…

File Format:

  • JPEG Recommended Compression: Standard Baseline 12 without channels or paths or TIFF Recommended compression: Uncompressed without channels or paths
  • Embedded Colour Space: Adobe98 or sRGB
  • Resolution: 200 dpi
  • 8 Bits/Channel
  • Keep file names as short as possible (total limit of 20 characters)
  • ‘Direct Output’ files are not checked for size.

When ordering different sized prints on the same order, to avoid confusion, please group the files in folders based on their respective sizes. Please name the folders with the containing sizes. Additionally, if you are ordering more than one type of paper stock, these should be separated also.

Colour Corrected Specifications
Our colour corrected service includes colour, brightness, contrast and density corrections, dust spotting and resizing of your file as per your requirements.

File Format:

  • 8 Bits/Channel
  • Keep file names as short as possible (total limit of 20 characters)

If you require any custom digital work such as layouts, retouching or colour matching, our custom digital service caters for all needs. Please enquire with customer service to discuss your options.

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