Shutter Counts – Why They Matter and Why They Don’t

An interesting artical posted on Jeff Revells website makes for an intersting read.

I was conducting my daily website scan when I saw an article on a new shutter count app that is now available for most Canon digital cameras [credit CanonRumors]. If you aren’t sure what a shutter count is, it is basically a numerical representation of how many times your camera’s shutter has actuated (opened and closed). So what’s the big deal about shutter counts? Well, if you aren’t planning on selling or buying a camera, probably nothing. Most SLR cameras have a shutter count estimate from the manufacturer for the number of reliable shutter actuations you can expect for your camera.
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Capturing Striking Images with Any Light Source in Any Environment

Jerry Ghionis is a Melbourne photographer, now based in the U.S, and one of the top five wedding photographers in the world. He now spends most of his time teaching workshop or on speaking engagements.

If you have a spare 2 hours the above video (a class he recorded for B&H) is well worth the time. He explains the methods and process he uses for lighting his subjects. Using everything from window light, to candlelight, to on camera flash and everything in between with some amazing results.

As well as lighting techniques there is also plenty of posing tips and some fantastic uses of very ordinary environments/backgrounds you usually try to avoid.

Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

It seems some photographs are fetching prices we’re used to seeing for famous works of art. As with art, the image can be subjective and the appeal in the eyes of the viewer. But would you be willing to hand over millions of dollars to own one of these photographs? Following is a list of the 10 most expensive photographs ever sold.

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Announcement: Our Partnership with Fotomerchant

Bond Imaging can proudly announce our partnership with Fotomerchant.
What does this mean?
All of Bond Imaging’s great products and services, but now with a greater online presence.

You can now create your own:

  • Website
  • Online Galleries
  • Sell photos online via your website
  • Automated fulfilment
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Image watermarking and much more
Simply order directly or have your customers order via your gallery.
We send your order directly to your customer and you receive your payment directly.
A complete business to business or business to business to consumer (your customer),
fulfillment system.

Please click on link to start you free trial.   Foto Merchant website

Richard I’Anson book launches and exhibitions

Bond Imaging is proud to be a partner sponsor of Richard I’Anson’s INDIA Essential Encounters events.  Showing our support by supplying prints on Kodak Professional Ultra High Definition paper and face mounted onto 6mm clear Acrylic. This quality product provides the best presentation for Richard’s vibrant and inspirational work. Bond Imaging is committed to providing specialist photographic services to imaging professionals nationally.

Proudly Sponsored by:

A warm welcome to our new Business Development Manager

Having worked for Bond Imaging over the last 10 years in the accounting department, I have seen the company grow and develop alongside the ever-changing photographic industry. As a result of these changes we have developed the Ondemand pro ordering system, which has streamlined and strengthened the connection between our clients.

The rapid developments in the industry have forced professional labs to adapt too many changes in a few short years. Labs were required to reinvent themselves during the transition from analogue to digital printing to keep up with the evolution of photography.

Digital printing has changed the landscape of the market; the industry benchmark required today is a high quality print at a reasonable price in the least amount of time possible.

Bond Imaging has established a firm footing within the photographic industry as a world class, reputable, professional lab for nearly forty years.

In the role of Business Development Manager I plan to nurture the business and personal relationships, Bond Imaging have established with the vast range of clients and each of their individual needs.

~ Mark Smith