New to On Demand Pro

We are happy to announce an upgrade with our online ordering system! Bond Photobooks are now even easier to order when using OnDemand Pro.

There are two ways to use this convenient tool to order your book:

Use our simple file specification guide to create your own layouts in Photoshop and simply upload your finished cover and pages through the simple ‘drag and drop’ system.

If Photoshop is not your thing, don’t worry, this software includes templates that you can use or even customise to suit you. Simply save all your files in one folder, select the product you would like and start dropping images into the templates.

The best part is the freedom in being able to leaf back and forth through the pages to see what you have created and make changes, add text, resize and move images around on the page.

For more information about our Photobooks please visit our website or call our friendly customer service team on 03 9429 1299.