5 minutes with Melbourne Photographer Lindsay Blamey

When did you start taking photos?
A common occurrence in our family when I was a child were ‘Slide Night’s’. My Father is a keen photographer and his 35mm slides from the 60’s are some of our (my) most prized possessions. This led me to having a interest in photography from an early age and it has always been something I’ve enjoyed. In 2006 I started taking it more seriously and have progressed from there.

Who has been an influence to your work?
As well as my Father, in the early years Ansel Adams was an influence but it was upon discovering Andreas Gursky that I really got hooked on photography. I have a diverse style exploring urban landscapes and narrative styles. More recently Gregory Crewdson and Alex Prager’s lighting, subjects and way of thinking has been a big influence on my narrative series. The slow burn of Australian cinema is also something that gets me in a photographic mood.

Can you tell us a little about your process, lighting techniques and equipment that you use?

My process is very spontaneous.. I don’t like to get technically bogged down. I’m currently shooting with a 5D using 50mm and 35mm primes  (I really enjoy composing through a fixed lens) I like to use ambient light where possible and I have been exploring strobes more lately with my narrative work. I’m constantly collecting themes and ideas in my mind locking them away for when the impulse to shoot comes. While the initial process is fast but the post work can be slow. I like to live with the images for a while before sharing them. I will often sit on images for 6 months or more before they get my tick of approval.

Has your approach changed over time?
The main change has been working and thinking in the form of series of images and working towards the ‘bigger picture’ rather than single works. Also with landscapes now I find myself portraying a theme or emotion through a number of works to strengthen the overall experience. I used to use a lot of post PS work but I find myself using as little as possible now as I gain confidence in my imagery. I’m also exploring lighting techniques more as the nature of my works evolve.

Which papers do you like to use and why?

I like traditional style papers like c-type lustre papers… more recently I have explored Bond’s HD Endura prints and was blown away with the clarity and quality… I will be heading down this path with suitable works in the future.



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